How we differ


How is Assist-2-Sell different from other Real Estate companies?

The most obvious difference between Assist-2-Sell and other real estate companies lies in the commission structure. Other firms typically charge Home Sellers a high commission that is a percentage of the sale price. (Example: Five percent with it being split between the buyers' and sellers' agent). Our discount model is simply  the same full service at a much lower commission rate. If we list a property on the  MLS®, our rate is  $4,995* for homes up to $500,000 (+HST).  
All Assist-2-Sell offices are REALTORS® and members of their local MLS®. Assist-2-Sell offers you the option of placing your home in the same (MLS®) system at a lower total commission. Just like other offices, we share the commission with(MLS®)agents, so they have the same incentive to sell your home as all the other homes in the (MLS®). In most cases, the cooperating brokerage earn the same selling commission they are accustomed to receiving because Assist-2-Sell absorbs the "discounted" portion of the total commission. 
With Assist-2-Sell, home sellers are also given a choice as to which plan they choose.


The MLS™ for Less™ Program:

This program adds the benefits of the MLS® while still offering home sellers the opportunity to pay only the low commission should the home buyer purchase directly through Assist-2-Sell.  
If, on the MLS®, the buyer comes directly to Assist-2-Sell, without an outside agent, the seller pays Assist2Sell the flat fee.

The Direct-to-Buyer™ Program:

As the name implies, the Direct-to-Buyer program markets a home seller’s home directly to home buyers not using the MLS®. This differs from "traditional" marketing programs that rely primarily on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) to market homes. While the MLS®  is a powerful marketing tool, it is not always necessary. Some home sellers prefer the Direct-to-Buyers program because it gives Assist-2-Sell the opportunity to find a buyer through its own marketing efforts. If you have more time and you are not pressured to sell your home, you should look at this program. Sellers can switch to MLS® at anytime.

Both programs are designed to offer home sellers choices and to save them money. Regardless of which program a seller chooses, they still enjoy Full Service with Savings.


*Homes over $500,000, Our Fee is only 1%.  Each office is independently owned & operated. 2006-2009, Assist-2-Sell, Inc.”