By: Penny Torontow

Halloween Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Tags: Halloween, October, Trick or Treat, Safety, Have Fun

Halloween is a fun night for family and friends to have a good time together.    Here are a few tips to keep everyone safe...

1.  Plan a Route in Advance:  Stick to streets that are well-lit and that you are familiar with.  Be sure to carry glow-sticks or a flashlight to help kids see and be seen, and stick to sidewalks or paths when possible.  If children are going out in a group, be sure to stick together for the whole evening.

2.  Put Electronic Devices down and keep heads up while walking, not running, across the street.   Cross at intersections or crosswalks to stay safe. 

3.  Decorate costumes and bags with reflective tape and, when possible, choose light colors.  Make sure costumes are creative, safe and short to avoid tripping.  Pass on the face mask as they can make it difficult to see or breathe.  Use non-toxic makeup or facepaint to complete the costume instead.  And if your costume needs a weapon, be sure to use flexible props that are paper, plastic or rubber with no pointy ends to make sure no one gets injured.

4.  Dress Warmly and Wear Comfortable Shoes!   You will be out trick-or-treating for an hour or two, so you want to make sure your feet won't hurt - girls, try to avoid the high heels - and don't forget to double-tie laces to avoid tripping.

5.  Check can be tempting to nibble on the candy as you go door-to-door, but wait until you get home so the candy can be checked.  When sorting through the candy at night, be sure to throw away any candy not in its original wrapper or looks like it has been opened.

Happy Halloween!